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Our Story

Welcome to Chez Annalise, Minnesota's first Cannabakery!  We are a local bakery start up offering a variety of CBD-infused and non-infused pastries in South Minneapolis.  We have two locations, our ghost kitchen, where we do our baking on Nicollet Avenue; and the other, our cafe at 6001 Lyndale Avenue South.  

We are a seed to shelf/farm to table style bakery, in the sense that one of our founders, Brandon Beck, has been a licensed grower in Minnesota since 2019.  In March of 2020, he founded the CBD company Beck's Farma, and it is the cannabinoids from his field that are infused into our pastries.

It has been the dream of Annalise, our other founder, to be a baker - and we are both very proud and excited to share with you our new menu and concept! 

We thank you for having the interest to learn a little bit about who we are, and we hope to see you soon!

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